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Complete DJ course to perform like a  PRO DJ &
grow your DJing career without any experience 

15 Offline Session

Live DJ Event Visit

Learn in 2 Months  

Practice on pioneer equipments

No.1 Academy for DJ Growth    

Learn from Fruit Punch DJ Academy's 10+ years of experience in DJ training and one of leading academy of Gujarat. Over 300+ students around the world have learned to mix, perform, and host successful events. Course created by an award winner DJ


About the course

You love music. And now you’re considering starting your DJing business. Or maybe you are already DJ. This course will give offline coaching experience to learn basic & advance mixing + growing your DJing career professionally, starting from :

  • Identify the common mistakes that DJ make with mixing & career and how to avoid them
  • Understand how you can mix smoothly so audience don't stop dancing
  • Implement  strategies to get more calls for event 
  • Know how to grow your confidence &  reduce stage fear
  • Build self confidence to perform & speak over mic on a big stage


Understanding Music Theory for DJ

How to prepare yourself for DJing? 

Learn the basic music theory concepts like beat calculation, bars, phrases, BPM, and song structure will create a huge impact on your inner ability to mix and perform effortlessly.

Offline training on pro DJ Software & hardware 

How to use pro DJ equipments?

At our ahmedabad centre, Learn & Experience pionner DJ hardware & software  like Virtual DJ, Rekordbox, Serato etc. So You don't need buy equipments to learn DJing

Perform and mix all genres professionally

How to master the art of mixing?

Our mentor will support and guide you with your each step, So you can improve your mixing skills from zero to pro without wasting time on trial and error method

Create a song collection & playlist  

How to select right track?

Learn to download the right tracks, create playlists, and plan a story from your playlist to create the best impact. Learn to read the crowd and play accordingly

Speak on mic & perform confidently 

What should I do on stage?

Learn what to say, do, and wear while performing on stage. Use the right timing for speaking to create a big impact in the audience's mind. This will also build confidence within you.

Getting gigs and grow your social media

How to get more calls?

Learn to grow your DJ business via Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Create a strong profile and improve communication to close more clients when they call you.

Improving your mindset for DJing 

How to enjoy my DJing career?

Learn to save your ears from loud music and find peace while you travel, spreading happiness to others. It's important to understand that your main earnings are in your happiness

Unlock secrets to save a decade.  

Sharing our all tips & techniques 

We're sharing all mixing and business techniques to save you 10 years of trial and error. Ask us about any specific DJ topic, and we'll do our best to include it in the future curriculum.

Who can take this offline DJ course

Self taught DJ 

Self taught DJ who learned from youtube & friends, And now want to perform on big gigs professionally using DJ controller

Music passionate

Music passionate who want to pursue their long due dream of DJing to add spark in boring same life


Student who want to secure their future with another career option

IT professional

IT professional who hate 9-5 job and want to improve standard of living by earning more income, fame & work satisfaction from DJIng

Meet your Mentor 

Course crafted by Milan Devmani, an award-winning DJ & Music Expert, designed to teach you how to learn DJing & mix professionally for maximum returns. Drawing from our personal experience and investment in books, videos, courses, and trial-and-error methods, we offer comprehensive training. Additionally, we've enlisted experts from different fields to cover topics such as digital marketing and social media growth."

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